Dear Client,

 As you know we're trying to give you our best service in every order. But sometimes we can make mistakes, errors and you can ask for re-view on order or refund of remaining balance. Those are your fundamental rights. We're giving refunds any time you want, there is no if.

 There is two type refund request in our customer care system;

1- Refund of an order, if order not done or rejected in somewhat reason or you're not satisfied with result you can ask for refund it's very normal and we'll refund you. But for successfully completed orders or some services which we said "no refund if wrong code or wrong carrier" We can't refund you for that.

2- Refund of Account Balance, sometimes you want to be leave everything, it's your choice and we respect it. But after we close your account we can not give leave any money in your account. In other words "You can ask a refund for complete account balance, but you can not ask refund for half of account balance." We're not banks, we're unlocking company. 

 All refund issues will be solved in 3-168 hours in working days. You can reach one of our Customer Care Representative to apply refund program. But please read this text carefully before message us. Thank you for choosing us....

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